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The video collection provides you with brief videos to guide you in various aspects of your academic journey. Learn how to ask for a great letter of recommendation, get started writing a resume or CV and be inspired to showcase your talents! Some videos contain embedded resources. Be sure to check out additional resources under Professional Development Resources.

Transfer Process

Learn the first steps to consider when getting ready to transfer from a community college to a four-year institution.

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Gathering Experience Part I

Understand how your experiences and accomplishments can help shape your career goals.

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Curriculum Vitae development

Prepare a professional resume, called a curriculum vitae to showcase your accomplishments.

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Gathering experience part II

Learn the value of pulling together all of your experiences to showcase your talent.

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30 second pitch

Consider how to summarize your ideas and experiences in an elevator style pitch.

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Self-development and career fit

Learn to take your interests into account and chose a career that matches you.

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